Is It Time For Christians To Put Up Or Shut Up?


Is It Time For Christians To Put Up Or Shut Up?

by Bob Johnson

Christian faith healer Pat Robertson at doctors officeChristianity has caused much pain and suffering throughout the ages. Christian superstition stomped out hundreds of years of progress in medicine and the sciences which in turn caused the suffering and early deaths of millions of innocent people. Not only did Christianity cause these atrocities, it literally imprisoned thousands of people who dared to engage their gift from God of reason. People like Galileo had to renounce God's reality and profess Christianity's errors as truth in order to save his life, while the Church burned alive thousands more people who decided truth was more important than their own lives. In this class is Giordano Bruno who was tortured over a seven year period and then finally burned alive by the ignorant Christians in 1600.

We know through history the terror that awaits us if Christianity triumphs over reason. It's vitally important for Deists and free thinkers to obliterate Christianity, and all "revealed" religions, as soon as possible. The only way to do this is to use our God-given reason and the free exchange of ideas. We can't, nor should we want to, force people to abandon Christianity and the "revealed" religions, we can only let them know how empty and ludicrous those religions really are while letting them know there is a very satisfying God friendly and reason friendly alternative available to them - Deism!

The Bible gives us a tremendous tool to make it clear to honest and sincere people everywhere that Christianity is a fraud. Mark 16:18 clearly lists the signs of a Christian as, "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." There is no qualification put on having these powerful abilities. Mark 16:17 clearly states, "And these signs shall follow them that believe; . . ." According to this Bible promise, anyone who believes in the Gospels and Jesus will be able to, among other things, ". . . drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."!

As Deists we have an obligation to demand that Christians perform these Biblical promises. These Bible passages are a type of contract between the Christian god of Jesus with anyone who believes in Jesus. Jesus has an obligation to uphold his part of the contract! If Christians can't do as Jesus promised, Christians owe it to themselves and their families and to God to reject the Bible and Christianity. If a Christian goes to a hospital and lays hands on a person dying from, and in the last stages of, cancer and that person is not healed, then Christianity and the Bible are frauds. The Bible god has broken his promise! Likewise, if Pat Robertson won't drink a glass full of poison that a Deist and/or a free thinker has prepared for him, then Pat, or any other Christian leader who won't complete the Gospel based test, is not a true Christian. If they drink it and die, then the Bible and Christianity are proven false, or at least the person who died and who was considered by millions of faithful to be a true Christian leader would have to be looked upon as a fraud. If they drink it and are not harmed by it then this Christian promise is valid and Christianity and the Bible are greatly advanced.

An example of this failed Bible god and his empty promises is evangelist Winkie Pratney. Winkie is a friend of evangelist Pat Robertson. Not long ago Winkie suffered a heart attack. What happened to Winkie? Did his Christian family lay hands on him according to the teachings of the Gospel? No, they rushed him to a hospital! Winkie was so bad the doctors induced a coma and only now are they taking him out of it. So much for empty meaningless and misleading Bible promises! (And don't forget, when leading Christians like Billy Graham, Pat Robertson (pictured above in doctor's office) and John Hagee get sick, they immediately go for the most advanced medical care their millions of dollars can buy! They don't waste their time with prayer and laying on of hands!)

It's time for all Deists to stop pulling punches! We need to show Christians and the world that Christianity and the Bible is nothing but superstitions and myth, that not even Christian leaders rely on it in their own personal lives! Since this is a reality, it's also a reality that the Bible and Christianity can't bring us any closer to God. How can we expect to get closer to God and to learn more about God by chasing after such empty meaningless dribble??? The only way people can get closer to God is to embrace their God-given gift of reason and exploit it to the fullest! This is what Deism is about!


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