Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You



Book About Deism by the Founder and Director of the World Union of Deists, Bob Johnson! (Now also available as an audio book - see below!)


Written in a concise and cogent style, Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You is a great introduction to Deism as well as a solid source of profound growth material for Deists who already have a firm understanding of the basics.

Thomas Paine, the person who has done more than any other person in history to bring Deism to the world, wrote that he believed the revolution in politics, the American Revolution, would be followed by a revolution in religion. This book will greatly help to finally bring the long overdue revolution in religion!

Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You covers some very important topics such as the difference between God and religion, the power of Deism to help people in their personal lives as well as to help society progress, the ability of Deism to defuse the Christian push for violence and world war based on their potentially self-fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon, Deism being the more rational choice over Atheism and Agnosticism among many other critical and important issues.

This book is loaded with motivating and enlightening insights from the author as well as from such people as Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Antony Flew, Jennifer Aniston, Bill Maher and many more!

Here is what a few people have said about this powerful book:

"What a fantastic book!

"I can't say enough good things about it. Anything you want to know about Deism, including its glorious past and its glorious future can be found within its pages. The book is so well written and filled to overflowing with useful information regarding the Supreme Being and how we should live our lives. I became a Deist last year after reading The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine, and as Mr. Johnson explains in his book, I too originally set the book aside because it incensed my fundamentalist charismatic Christian sensibilities, but thank the Creator, I returned to it and found enlightenment.

"Please do yourself and the world a favor and read this book and if necessary be changed.

"Chapter 4, Athens v. Jerusalem, is particularly enlightening. Mr. Johnson argues we are now in a struggle between Athens (Reason) and Jerusalem (Superstition) and if we don't wise up and use our God-given reason, we may well destroy all humanity in a nuclear apocalypse triggered by religious fundamentalists just doing what their religion tells them to do to the "unbeliever".

"Mr. Johnson also speaks of the beauty of Space-Age Deism. Enlightened astronauts like Eugene Cernan and Edgar Mitchell experienced the power of Nature's God without the aid of "holy" books. Recent polls have said people are thirsting for belief in a God of serenity and not madness. Deism has found that God."

by John Kettner


"Anyone who believes in the Grand Creator of heaven and earth including all the creatures thereupon and who also rejects the dogma of the entire range of established religion is already a Deist whether he/she recognizes it or not. That person already possesses the basic form, the elementary sketch that is Deism. Bob Johnson's book, "Deism; A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You" fleshes out that form and provides a full range of color and tone to the basic sketch. As Johnson puts it "God is the object of Deism, not the founder of Deism." If we apply our God given reason to "the laws and designs visible to us" we find Deism to be a purely natural philosophy unfettered by the whims and foibles of our fellow men. Each of us likes to believe that we posses common sense and reason, that we can believe our own eyes and our own definition of the world as perceived by our other senses. Deism supports that belief and Bob Johnson's book illustrates not only the wisdom of continued belief but also shows us that we are not alone. It is truly an education to see how many of our forefathers, those who we've honored and admired through history, who share this bond. Johnson has done the research for us and he has done this in a non-judgmental and objective way. He has reviewed a multitude of examples and provided us with a full library of references. The reader will find this book a totally positive experience that will add not only to one's own experience but which can be used for continued knowledge as we review the writings of this host of respected individuals. "Deism; A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You" is a fine addition to the library of any person who respects freedom of thought. And, it is a necessary addition for any person who is laboring or suffering under the pressure of an established religion."

by Ira


"Books on basic Deism are few and far between. So I was glad when Bob Johnson came forward with this excellent book that defines just who is a Deist and what their beliefs are. Too often people think that if you do not believe in their God of the Bible, then you cannot believe in God at all. But Bob Johnson shows us that not only can one firmly believe in a God outside of a revealed religion, but also they can have a faith and a compassion that comes without the baggage of fear and superstition. For me this modern look at Deism not only brings enlightenment and understanding, but validates my own beliefs. I recommend this book for anyone that can see all the great creations of God around him, but has doubts that the Bible is one of them."

by Lambert


"I'm very thankful that I read Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You! For years I've felt like an outsider when it comes to my ideas and views on religion. I was raised a Christian but never felt comfortable with the church services and Bible readings and teachings. Finally, after reading this powerful book, I realized it was because the Bible and Christianity go strongly AGAINST my GOD-GIVEN REASON! And I'm not alone, I'm a Deist! And there are thousands of other Deists out there, too! Also, some great people in history have been Deists like Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, Albert Einstein and the list goes on! This book is highly recommended for anyone who is currently a member of an organized religion and who has some doubts about it. It's also recommended for anyone with an interest in philosophy, religion, current events and/or history. Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You offers some great ideas on how Deism can be used to stop the Christian rush to Armageddon, it helps us think outside the box by exposing and documenting some little known facts about the Abrahamic revealed religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), it points out weaknesses in Atheism and Agnosticism and it helps us to differentiate between revealed religions and natural religion - Deism. Not only does it show how Deism can help society on a broad scale, this book shows how it can help the individual live a free, purposeful and happy life! It's a fascinating read!"

by Lynn Mauro


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