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Educate Yourself Deist Bookstore


The powerful and thought provoking books listed below all belong on the bookshelf of every Deist and freethinker!


Click on the links below to learn about our in-depth selection of books on Deism! A whole new beautiful, reasonable and natural world awaits you!


The Age of Reason (The complete edition) by Thomas Paine


God Gave us Reason, Not Religion by Bob Johnson


An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity by Bob Johnson


Principles of Nature by Elihu Palmer


Reason: The Only Oracle of Man by Ethan Allen


Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You by Bob Johnson


Entire Set of All Six Deism Books Listed Above in paperback!


My Life With God IN and OUT of The Church by Raymond Fontaine, Ph.D.





The below books are all eBooks in PDF. To use PDF you must have Adobe Reader. If you don't already have Adobe Reader to use PDF files, please click here to download it for free.


My Life With God IN and OUT of the Church by Raymond Fontaine, Ph.D. Ray Fontaine was a priest in the Roman Catholic religion for over 20 years. After much soul-searching he realized Catholicism, Christianity and the Bible were never inspired by God. This book is a moving and thought provoking account of one person's journey from the priesthood to Deism.

The Road to Deism contains the accounts from 56 different people about their journey from various "revealed" religions, from Atheism and from Agnosticism to Deism. Some of them were actually clergy members in their former "revealed" religions, while other people were Deists their entire life but just did not know it!


Reason: The Only Oracle of Man by Ethan Allen. This is the complete version of an important hard to find book written by one of America's Revolutionary War heroes and Deist, Ethan Allen. This powerful book really makes the reader stop and think! The thinking brings about a much more profound appreciation of God, life, reason and Nature. It's a true "must have" for all freethinkers and Deists!

Psychological Evolution and the Invention of Evil: A Scientific Exposition by Henry E. Jones, M.D.  This new and very important book by Dr. Jones gives the reader a very solid and sound understanding of the psychological fear based origins of the "revealed" religions. For almost 40 years Dr. Jones has helped well over 2,000 people who were his psychiatric patients. This book is written in a style that makes it easy and interesting for a layperson to fully comprehend and to enjoy. And the knowledge it gives is a great help in overcoming the hold "revealed" religions have on too many people.  

An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity by Bob Johnson. Christians the world over look to Mere Christianity as a rational response to critics of Christianity and as a source of reason based comfort in regards to their Christian and Biblical beliefs. The influential Christian magazine, Christianity Today voted Mere Christianity "the book of the century" in April of 2000. And in 2006 they voted it number 3 in a list of the top 50 books that are most influential in the shaping of the minds of Christian Evangelicals. An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity is a must read for all sincere Christians who value God's gift to them of reason, as well as a must read for all Deists and freethinkers of every type!  

Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You by Bob Johnson 

Written in a concise and cogent style, Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You is a great introduction to Deism as well as a solid source of profound growth material for Deists who already have a firm understanding of the basics.

Thomas Paine, the person who has done more than any other person in history to bring Deism to the world, wrote that he believed the revolution in politics, the American Revolution, would be followed by a revolution in religion. This book will greatly help to finally bring the long overdue revolution in religion!

Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You covers some very important topics such as the difference between God and religion, the power of Deism to help people in their personal lives as well as to help society progress, the ability of Deism to defuse the Christian push for violence and world war based on their potentially self-fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon, Deism being the more rational choice over Atheism and Agnosticism among many other critical and important issues.

This book is loaded with motivating and enlightening insights from the author as well as from such people as Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Antony Flew, Jennifer Aniston, Bill Maher and many more!

Bible Problems - Some Contradictions, Factual Errors, and Evil Moral Teachings in the Bible by Deputy Director of the World Union of Deists Jayson X. (Currently this book is in PDF format. We hope to have it in paperback in the near future.)

Radicals in Early American History  by Pauline Rocco

Radicals in Early American History is a well written motivating and well documented book that is sure to surprise you! It demonstrates how vital free thought was to the creation and foundation of America!


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KEYS TO A SPIRITUALLY-BASED LIFE: fifty tenets of a new faith, by author M A Street. "I believe in the divinity of God and only God, that grace is the sole divine gift from God to humankind, and that the fruit of grace is service." What do you believe? Click here to order from Amazon!



The first 38 years of my life, I suffered periods of devastating depression. At 38, I found a psychiatrist who helped free my mind! I am now 70 and have lived 32 glorious years free from depression! Anyone depressed should seek help immediately! A wonderful life may await you!! Learn how I overcame the ravages of depression in my powerful new book The Luckiest Man on Earth: Surviving 38 Years of Depression by Robert L. Hamlet. Click here to order from Barnes & Noble!

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News of Interest to Deists
A recent survey on religion shows there are 34 million Americans who are classified as "Nones", that is they do not embrace any of the "revealed" religions and the vast majority of them are not Atheists. In actuality, the vast majority of the "Nones" are actually Deists!

The survey shows a giant step forward for Deism in the fact that it actually uses the word "Deist" and for the very significant raw numbers it shows as representing the number of people who are Deists.  In reality, the number of Deists is actually higher than the survey shows because the survey uses an outdated definition of Deist. For a more accurate definition please see our Deism Defined page.

Click here to read the actual survey. (It's in PDF)
Astronomers report a recent study strongly indicates the Universe is infinite.
One of the reasons the freethinker Giordano Bruno was tortured and murdered by being burned alive by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition was that he said the Universe is eternal and infinite which violates the superstitions in the Bible found in Genesis. This new study vindicates Bruno.

Does the Abraham Accord Promote Peace or a Plan For War? 
The Abraham Accord between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the US seems to be more of a war plan against Iran than any kind of legitimate peace agreement.

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