We've been told Islam is a "peaceful" religion. Learn what the Koran itself says!


We now have a new set of Deist Reality Cards - The Koran which deals with factual contradictions in the Koran!

Use the Deist Reality Cards to Learn What the Koran Really Says About God, Violence, Women and More!!!

Like our Deist Reality Cards addressing important topics in the Bible, these new Deist Reality Cards address important topics found in the Koran! Make yourself aware of what this Abrahamic "revealed" religion has in store for us! We need to educate ourselves and those around us to the dangers from the "revealed" religionists! These cards do that and more! They get people who're currently under the spell of the "revealed" religions to THINK and to start questioning what they've been taught from these ancient fear and violence promoting myths! Eventually they must ask themselves if they want to follow man-made myths or God-given reason! You can get the ball rolling by ordering your set of Deist Reality Cards - The Koran!

All of the Deist Reality Cards - The Koran contain at least five impossible to rationally answer questions along with the chapter and verse citations! And with each laminated card comes 10 non-laminated cards you can give to others or leave in public places to help further get the word out and to get people thinking!


Deist Reality Cards - The Koran

Set #1:

Card #1: This card exposes the Islamic teachings towards nonbelievers that the Koran promotes. It does NOT, as the politicians claim, reveal a loving caring God!

Card #2: Like the Bible, the Koran is full of scientific errors about the earth, sun, etc. This card brings out those errors and demonstrates it can't be the word of God!

Card #3: This card addresses the important issue of abuse of women! Like its two Abrahamic brother "revealed" religions, Islam holds women to be inferior to men.

Card #4: This card demonstrates that Islam is so primitive it doesn't even object to slavery!

Card #5: If it is claimed that a book is "the word of God" it is reasonable to expect it to be free of contradictions. The Koran, like the Bible, is full of contradictions! This card has some of the most blatant contradictions!


Set #2 - NEW!

Set #2 contains five Deist Reality Cards - The Koran with each card containing at least four factual contradictions found in the Koran! Guaranteed to get people to think!!! Set #2 is sold as a set only.

Each laminated card along with its 10 non-laminated cards in set #1 is $1.95. If you order the entire set of five Deist Reality Cards of set #1 - the Koran, the total is only $7.95! If you order both sets #1 and #2 the total is only $12.95! Plus, your order helps us to purchase new advertising to further get the word out about Deism!!!

You can order below by clicking on the BUY NOW buttons, or you can send your order to: World Union of Deists, Box 4052, Clearwater, FL 33758 - USA.

The funds received from the Deist Reality Cards are helping us purchase more advertising so we can reach more people with Deism! Thank You!


Deist Reality Card - The Koran #1


Deist Reality Card - The Koran #2


Deist Reality Card - The Koran #3


Deist Reality Card - The Koran #4


Deist Reality Card - The Koran #5

Entire Set of All Five Deist Reality Cards - The Koran!

Entire Set #5 of Deist Reality Cards - The Koran!

Both entire sets #1 and #2 of Deist Reality Cards - The Koran!



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