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The Invention of Evil


by Henry E. Jones, M.D.


The Invention of Evil by Henry E. Jones, M.D.  This new and very important book by Dr. Jones gives the reader a very solid and sound understanding of the psychological fear based origins of the "revealed" religions. For almost 40 years Dr. Jones has helped well over 2,000 people who were his psychiatric patients. This book is written in a style that makes it easy and interesting for a layperson to fully comprehend and to enjoy. And the knowledge it gives is a great help in overcoming the hold "revealed" religions have on too many people. Deists will be happy to see that Deism is promoted as the natural and rational religious philosophy which will replace the "revealed" religions and return humanity to its rightful and natural understanding of God, free of fear, superstition and ignorance. This book is 239 pages and very well documented!


About The Author

Dr. Henry E. Jones was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1939. He was raised in the small Louisiana town of Wisner where he finished high school. Dr. Jones attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, graduating with a BS in zoology. He then attended L.S.U. School of Medicine in New Orleans, receiving his M.D. Degree in 1965. He did a mixed pediatric internship at Charity Hospital of New Orleans.

 Dr. Jones finished the first two years of a psychiatric residency at Warren State Hospital in Pennsylvania. He completed his psychiatric residency at Herrick Memorial Hospital in Berkeley, California in 1969.

 Dr. Jones opened a private psychiatric practice in Los Angeles in 1970. He also worked as an instructor in psychiatry at University of Southern California-Los Angeles County Hospital. He practiced psychiatry exclusively for a few years, and then entered a Family Practice Residency at the Santa Monica Medical Center. In 1974 he completed this training. For several years, he limited his practice to psychosomatic disorders.

In 1976, Dr. Jones returned to Louisiana to practice in Ouachita Parish. During the next 25 years he practiced both psychiatry and general medicine. He served as Chief of Staff of one hospital and as chief of the Department of Family Practice, as well as Director of the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit of Saint Francis Medical Center in Monroe.

For almost 40 years Dr. Jones interviewed and treated patients suffering mental illness. Over this period, he has evaluated and analyzed well over 2000 psychiatric patients. This book is the result of what he learned from these individuals.


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