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Deism and Abortion

by Gail Rendle


No one likes the idea of abortion. No woman rushes into pregnancy simply so that she can have an abortion. Yet that seems to be part of the pervading aroma being spread around about the idea of abortion-on-demand. This is patently unfair.

Women requesting access to abortion-on-demand are women who NEED it. They may not have been raped, though some won’t tell you, even if they were, and they may not have medical reasons, but they do have issues, such as abusive husbands or boyfriends who would likely beat the child to death, or beat the woman to death if they found out she was pregnant. Women know that the welfare and foster care programs are not dependable. One cannot rely on them to guarantee their child a good life, should they choose to carry to full term and put the child up for foster care or adoption. Battered and abused foster children are far from uncommon. Enforcing the birth of a child in these situations is wantonly cruel to the child as well as to the woman.

Are there some women who are simply “careless”? Perhaps, but they are far outweighed by those who are denied access to contraceptive measures by their religions or by their family traditions. WUD should not take any stance that would allow itself to be an obstacle to any woman’s need for contraception or abortion-on-demand. Instead, I believe it is reasonable for WUD to be either totally neutral, or else support the position of Planned Parenthood, a group that seeks to help women get and keep themselves healthy and capable of handling their lives and responsibilities.

On another note, this country - indeed, this World - is grossly over-populated. We lose farmland, wilds and wetlands every day, so that more homes can be built for families - for which there are no jobs to sustain them! Clear-cutting endangers the Amazon Forest ecosystem; the Everglades, another bastion of our ecosystem, are also threatened by over-development. Our prairies have become dust bowls because we and our forefathers stripped them of their trees and other foliage, and they cannot sustain agriculture as they once did. Natural gas drilling is destroying aquifers in farmlands. As some local bumper stickers note, “No Farms, No Food”. We are rapidly swamping ourselves with ourselves! The loss of wilds and wetlands to development for new homes and shopping malls and fossil fuel sources, aimed at an ever-growing population, endangers the very set of ecosystems which keep us alive. Cutting down on our human population is necessary if our children and grandchildren are to have any kind of life. We no longer have any reasons for large families, such as to do farm chores, etc. Indeed, we cannot support them! Many families are overwhelmed by how much it costs to feed, clothe and raise a child. Contraception becomes more and more important as time goes on.

I believe that everyone should be supporting Planned Parenthood in all their efforts to keep clean, safe abortions available, and should also be actively supporting Planned Parenthood’s work in providing the availability of contraceptives and information to young folk, as well as the not-so-young. In doing so, the need for abortions will diminish. Eventually, abortion-on-demand may become a seldom-needed procedure.

And, by the way, contrary to the opinion expressed by Ms. Rocco and Mr. Johnson, many of us truly believe that Life - that is, Personhood - begins with the very first breath an infant takes, independent of the mother’s body, and not one instant before. This belief, that I was raised with, seems reasonable to me. A child is not on its own until it is breathing on its own. Then, he or she becomes a Person. Not before. However, neither opinion should be considered a standard belief of Deism.



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