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Deism's Principles - A Deism eBooklet Series

Deism, belief in The Supreme Intelligence/God based on reason and Nature, is a beautiful and wonderful religious/spiritual philosophy. Its simplicity inspires and protects its adherents.

Deism inspires Deists by letting them know the intelligence based laws and rules found throughout the known Universe, the study of which is science, proclaim the necessary existence of The Supreme Intelligence/God.

Deism protects Deists by letting them know that the only possible Word of God is the Universe and Creation itself. This makes it impossible for Deists to be conned and used by any of the various “revealed” religions/cults.

There are profound principles in Deism that can serve as guides for Deists in living meaningful and happy lives. These principles are not at all dogma. They are not at all presented with the pretension of being Divine revelations. However, they are Divine in that they are realities of life and discovered only by the application of our gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God of innate reason. Life and reason are the two most valuable gifts ever given to us, and they are the very best that we can ever possess and make good use of.

This Deism eBooklet series covers principles put forward by Deist writers from the days of Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen and Elihu Palmer, through to Deist writers of today. It will also include Deistic principles expressed by the Stoics and other philosophers from ancient Greece and Rome, as well as from Asia and other parts of the world.

The meaning of the word “principle” in this Deism eBooklet series, and for Deism in general, is:

"a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning."

I hope you enjoy this Deism eBooklet series and find its contents thought provoking, inspiring, meaningful and useful. And thank you for ordering individual issues or subscribing as it allows us the ability to reach more people with life improving Deism!

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The first Deism eBooklet in the series covers the best way we can serveDeism Principles The Supreme Intelligence/God. It includes Deistic ideas of The Supreme Intelligence/God, characteristics of God that makes it clear God is not in need of sacrifices or assistance from us or from anyone. It uses profound and inspiring quotes from key historic Deists about the very best way we can serve God is by serving and helping each other. It also includes the importance of embracing Nature and our environment and doing what we can to protect our natural environment, which we are completely dependent upon.



Deism Principles DignityHuman dignity is vitally important. It is lack of dignity and self-worth that is a key source of depression and negativity. Deism’s realization that The Supreme Intelligence/God has given us life and reason is a solid foundation for the growth of human dignity and self-worth. This Deism eBooklet draws from the writings of Immanuel Kant to show the importance of the laws of Nature, our will, character and dignity. It also employs the Deistic ideas of Thomas Paine and Elihu Palmer to help us appreciate our innate God-given gifts of reason and human dignity.


Truth matters. What is true is what we do our best to base our lives on.Deism and Truth From something as simple and mundane as knowing the true location of a chair we are about to sit down on prior to sitting down, to a true and factual diagnosis of a medical condition before starting treatment, truth and reality matter.

When it comes to belief in The Supreme Intelligence/God, the source of our lives and innate reason and the amazing Universe we’re all a part of, we are taught to throw our reason out the door and instead to embrace man-made nonsense through “faith” for our ideas and beliefs about The Supreme Intelligence/God.

This Deism eBooklet, Deism and Truth, helps us to see why truth is a key principle of Deism and how following the Deistic principle of objectively seeking and embracing what is true profoundly helps to make better lives and a better world for us all.


Deism principles reasonA cornerstone principle of Deism is the promotion of our innate God-given reason. The more we promote reason, the more we help individuals and the more we help to create a better world. This Deism eBooklet points out that our greatest gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God, other than life itself, is reason. The vital importance of appreciating and using our reason in all aspects of life is covered. The topic of people and society recognizing reason as our finest tool to not only live happier and more meaningful lives, but survive in a nuclear age, as well as to truly reach the stars is discussed in detail.


People matter. Deism values people. The principle of valuing people isDeism Principles Value People expressed in Deism by always promoting the importance of our innate God-given reason and always encouraging people to make regular use of this gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God, a gift that is second in importance only to life itself.

Because Deism truly values people, Deism doesn’t play people for fools by teaching them to deal with very real issues and questions with make-believe nonsense. This Deism eBooklet addresses some very profound qualities of Deism that truly sets Deism light-years ahead of all other spiritual/religious philosophies. 


Deism Principles ProgressProgress is important. Without progress, we would still all be living in the Stone Age.

This Deism eBooklet explains why progress is such an important and inseparable part of Deism. Progress not only pulled us out of the Stone Age, it helps us to have better lives as individuals and to have a much better society. Believing in and working to bring about progress infuses us with a sense of purpose and the contentment we receive from knowing that we are DOING something for the common good of all people.

Because Deism values and promotes progress, Deism is set apart from the man-made “revealed” religions. Deism is in tune with the ever changing and progressing Universe.


Respect is a principle that is of vital importance on all levels and in allDeism Principles Respect aspects of our lives. Respect needs to be shown to ourselves, to others, to God, to Nature and to what is true. Deism helps us to accomplish this. This Deism eBooklet shows the true importance of respect and offers practical ways in which we can demonstrate respect to all that deserves it.

The important, but too often overlooked, connection between reason and respect is covered. This connection between the two is indispensable in having and showing true respect. It’s inspiring to know that we’re designed with innate reason that opens the door to so many important and beautiful principles we can use to make the best life, and world, possible.


Deism KindnessDeism promotes kindness simply by rejecting the cruel idea of God that is promoted by the man-made “revealed” religions. This is an important and basic quality of Deism that is too often overlooked. It sets reason and Nature based Deism apart from all of the “revealed” religions. This Deism eBooklet explores the fundamental ways in which kindness is promoted by Deism, and in which The Supreme Intelligence/God displays kindness to all of us.

Kindness is an essential requirement for a happy and meaningful life, and for a happy and meaningful society. Deism helps to strengthen and spread the innate kindness we are all born with, in very purposeful and important ways, as this Deism eBooklet makes clear.


This Deism eBooklet, Deism’s Unapologetic Use of Reason, builds onDeism Unapologetic Reason Deism eBooklet #4, Deism and Reason, by demonstrating the importance of unapologetically applying our reason to the teachings and claims made by the various man-made “revealed” religions and to Deism. Deism is unique in religious/spiritual philosophies in that it is reason-based, not faith-based. This important distinction provides Deists with a profound peace of mind that the “revealed” religions lack. Deism’s Unapologetic Use of Reason helps Deists to see the importance of openly applying their gift from God of innate reason to everything in their lives, including belief in God and religion.


Deism Principles InspirationThis Deism eBooklet, Deism & Inspiration, brings to light important sources of very real and true inspiration that are available to everyone. We all need daily inspiration to live more meaningful and enjoyable lives. Deism & Inspiration gives us many examples of profound inspiration found in people and in Nature. Inspiration creates hope, and both inspiration and hope are essential elements of progress and happiness. Thankfully inspiration and hope, which Deism has a unique avenue to, are freely available to us all!



There are two kinds of hope. One is based on a feeling of expectationDeism Principles Hope that something good will happen in the future, usually in the near future.

The other kind of hope is based on actions, which are a form of the actual manifestation of hope.

Both kinds of hope are very important for the accomplishment of progress. They also complement each other. The two together are unstoppable as a force for good.

This Deism eBooklet covers them both, and shows that just as our innate reason and innate conscience are gifts from The Supreme Intelligence/God that we should profoundly appreciate and use in every aspect of our lives, so too is hope. Also included in this Deism eBooklet is the importance the dissident, writer and former first president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel place on action-based hope.


Deism principles 12 gratitude

Gratitude is a too often overlooked principle that empowers people to effectively battle against depression and negativity. Everyone has something to be thankful for, which they can experience and express gratitude for. This Deism eBooklet draws on sources, including Thomas Paine and the Roman Stoic Seneca, as well as on modern scientific writings and studies to make it clear that we’re all capable of gratitude, and what the very real positive impact it has in the lives of people who practice it. Gratitude can be your bedrock of living a happier and more meaningful life!


Altruism, the “unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others”,Deism altruism is an essential part of progress throughout history. From the ancient Greeks at the Battle of Thermopylae to the American Revolution, altruism was indispensable.

This Deism eBooklet shows the importance of altruism and why the man-made “revealed” religions are void of altruism. It shows how our connection with altruism started with The Supreme Intelligence/God’s altruism, and gives a shining example of the life saving altruism of a life member of the World Union of Deists.

Currently altruism is under attack, primarily by followers of Ayn Rand. Rand was strongly and hypocritically anti-altruism, as this Deism eBooklet makes clear. Rand’s anti-altruism book Atlas Shrugged is, according to a survey done by the Library of Congress, the second most influential book in America, second only to another anti-altruism book, the Bible. Deism can help elevate altruism above selfishness and greed, thus making the world a better place. 


Deism Principles FreedomA common point that runs through almost all the qualities of Deism that Deists enjoy and often mention is freedom. Freedom and Deism go together. This is because Deism is free of man-made dogmas the “revealed” religions use to control people with through fear. Nowhere in Deism, for example, is there a teaching that to question is doubt and doubt is sin. To the contrary, in Deism people are strongly encouraged to make full use of their innate God-given reason and to question everything! This is a beautiful quality to have and to enjoy, and a quality that is essential to progress.

This Deism eBooklet makes clear the vital importance of living as free as we possibly can. It shows how Deism helps us to live a life based on freedom and reason, not on obedience and fear.


A very real and very profound important difference between Deism andDeism versus cruelty the “revealed” religions is Deism’s reliance on our innate God-given reason versus the opposition to our God-given reason by the “revealed” religions. This opposition to reason by the “revealed” religions is shown in this Deism eBooklet to be a primary reason for the cause of religious violence and cruelty in the world, both past and present. Deism is offering humanity a life and world free of the nonsensical superstitions that produce religious cruelty and violence. This will allow us to create a future without these harmful and damaging features of the “revealed” religions infecting our thoughts and actions and having a negative impact on the world. This Deism eBooklet draws on the ideas and writings of the Deists Anthony Collins, Thomas Paine and Albert Einstein as well as of the astronomer and freethinker Carl Sagan.


Deism wonderThis Deism eBooklet examines the profound importance of wonder. It contrasts how wonder is seen in the philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans and in Deism, with how it is looked upon by the “revealed” religions.

Wonder is priceless. It is what has initiated the progress of humanity from the first days of humanity through to today. It’s motivated us to explore our beautiful planet Earth, the moon and will, if we don’t allow ourselves to get sidetracked by irrational “revealed” religions, take us to the stars. Wonder is the impetus that drove people to discover the laws of Nature, and to use that knowledge to make better lives for us all. This Deism eBooklet also points out how wonder leads to gratitude, and gratitude leads to joy.


This Deism eBooklet #17, Deism and Free Will, opens with a shortDeism Principles Free Will synopsis of the ongoing scientific debate over determinism and free will. It then looks at free will from the perspective of an individual person. We all must use our free will in every aspect of our daily lives. It quotes the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who said, “I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

The position taken in this Deism eBooklet is that life, reason and free will are all gifts from our Creator/Nature’s God. It points out that free will is dependent on the gift of our innate reason, and our innate reason is dependent on our gift of life. It offers hope of greatly improving our lives and eventually the world by making reason-based and altruistic decisions in our lives that are followed up by action.


Deisms Principles EvolveEvolution is a part of Nature. People are a part of Nature. Human beings have evolved biologically over many millennia. Unfortunately, our thinking about God and religion has not evolved. This is a problem in and of itself. However, the fact that humanity has evolved scientifically and in its technology, makes the fact that we have not evolved regarding our beliefs about God and religion a very real danger. For the first time in history we have the ability to destroy ourselves through nuclear warfare, but we are still operating on the thinking of ancient superstitious clergymen.

This Deism eBooklet #18, Deism and the Evolution of People and Humanity, points out some examples of the “revealed” religions being incapable of helping people and humanity to evolve in their thinking and beliefs about God and religion/spirituality. It then offers important ways of how Deism is correcting that very serious problem, and Deism’s amazing and wonderful potential to completely correct that problem by helping people to truly evolve in their ideas and beliefs about God and to deeply appreciate their gift from God of innate reason.



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