Why Deism?  From the Reorganized Latter Day Saints Church to Deism


Why Deism?
From Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church to Baptist to Deist

by Truthseeker

My journey began when I was born into the Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church, and baptized at age nine. I was oblivious to the controversy regarding my religion and its founder Joseph Smith. I simply knew that I believed differently than other people. For those who are curious about the RLDS church the following website will explain: www.watchman.org

One of the gifts offered by the RLDS priesthood is that of the patriarchal blessing. I was at a turning point in my life and needed direction therefore turned to the church for guidance. My blessing stated that if I would study and pray that a testimony, a valid testimony by which many would come to a knowledge of the truth would be mine. I was also admonished to study the works of nature, as well as mans association with man, and the laws of health. For many years I did much study, and prayer seeking that valid testimony.

I was an isolated member of the rlds church and during that time I attended Baptist churches in my area. When the RLDS church changed its name to the Community of Christ I would often check their website for information. I was seeking information on the many changes taking place within the church when I found the following websites: www.help4rlds.com and www.lifeline2rlds.org. These websites led me to two books: "Part Way to Utah: The forgotten Mormons" and "Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church: Is It Christian?" as well as a video entitled "DNA vs. Book of Mormon." The books were written by former members of the RLDS church. I immediately purchased the two books and the video. When I read both books and viewed the video I realized that they contained undeniable proof that Joseph Smith was a false prophet.

Consequently, I had my name removed from membership in the RLDS/Community of Christ. I was then re-baptized into a local Missionary Baptist Church. I then began to study the King James Bible and quickly became disillusioned by much of its content. I found it to be filled with many contradictions, much falsehood and mythology. I learned that Paul of Tarsus and Jesus of Nazareth where not in agreement. I then read the following book: "The Jesus Sayings The Quest For His Authentic Message" by Rex Weyler. After reading that book I had my name removed from membership in the Missionary Baptist Church.

I then purchased "The Jefferson Bible", and Benjamin Franklin's "The Art of Virtue."
When I found this site (www.deism.com) about Deism I realized that my many questions had been answered. I had found the truth that I had been seeking.

We don't need a church or a priesthood to reach God. His Spirit is all around us and we can feel it if we are receptive to it. I continue to thank God for his many blessings, and I seek to live a virtuous life. Use your sense of Reason to find answers that you seek. Knock and the door will open for you, seek and you will find.
















































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News of Interest to Deists
A recent survey on religion shows there are 34 million Americans who are classified as "Nones", that is they do not embrace any of the "revealed" religions and the vast majority of them are not Atheists. In actuality, the vast majority of the "Nones" are actually Deists!

The survey shows a giant step forward for Deism in the fact that it actually uses the word "Deist" and for the very significant raw numbers it shows as representing the number of people who are Deists.  In reality, the number of Deists is actually higher than the survey shows because the survey uses an outdated definition of Deist. For a more accurate definition please see our Deism Defined page.

Click here to read the actual survey. (It's in PDF)
Astronomers report a recent study strongly indicates the Universe is infinite.
One of the reasons the freethinker Giordano Bruno was tortured and murdered by being burned alive by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition was that he said the Universe is eternal and infinite which violates the superstitions in the Bible found in Genesis. This new study vindicates Bruno.

Obama is making the mixing of church and state worse than ever before.
Obama supporters forget that when all is said and done, Obama is just another politician. This article shows he's proving that he is nothing but a politician by doing more than any other president to mix religion and government, especially through giving tax-dollars to religious organizations.

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